Unicorn Mini Sessions Chattanooga – 2022


A recap of the most magical unicorn mini sessions, near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Wesley the unicorn poses for a photo by Elle Bea Photography in Chickamauga, Georgia near Chattanooga, Tennessee

I am SO thrilled to share this recap of our first ever Unicorn Mini Sessions by Elle Bea Photography Chattanooga! Oh my goodness, was this fun. I mean look at that unicorn! Read on to hear about (and see!) an amazing evening at Daisy Fields Farm in Chickamauga, Georgia with our dear new friend – Wesley the unicorn.

The Details

First up, let’s check out the special details! On the left above we had a SURPRISE addition of this incredible whicker fan chair provided by Daisy Fields Farm‘s very own Mrs. Kim! So far as I have seen, there’s nothing she doesn’t improve simply by being involved. On the right, see her handiwork on a lovely basket of wildflowers – she literally just whipped that right up! I could not make flowers look like that in a day’s work.

Speaking of flowers and incredible work, this session was made ALL the more magical by some amazing floral pieces by our wonderful friends at Chickamauga Florist!! These ladies have literally been behind all the most beautiful floral pieces of my life, they are magicians, and they are just some of the best people in the world. If you have any floral needs at all, they are absolutely who you need. Featured here are a floral headpiece (in the chair!) and Wesley’s lovely greenery garland!

And last but not least, in the center is our leading man – Wesley the (miniature) unicorn! This guy did an amazing job, and was the guy for the part! Wesley, you nailed it. But behind the scenes (and intentionally not pictured) was someone equally important to this shoot – Sarah, Wesley’s owner and handler! Sarah and Wesley are both specially trained with kids and did just perfect helping us take these beautiful, magical photos!!

Many, many thanks!!!

Huge, huge thanks to Sarah and Kim at Daisy Fields Farm and Jennifer and Donna at Chickamauga Florist! And of course, to Wesley, the perfect gentleman to our little princesses.

Sarah and Wesley also offer mommy-and-me style lessons for young riders (3-6) and non-riders (2-6) at Daisy Fields! If your child is a horse lover or any type of animal enthusiast, I highly recommend scheduling a lesson with Sarah!

Some absolutely magical Chattanooga unicorn mini sessions!

And now, on with the show! I am so, so excited to share these photos and was absolutely thrilled to get to take them! If anyone has not noticed, you should know, I love magical things (see my loves list on the about page – Disney World, Christmas, chocolate… all magical things). So when the opportunity to create this session came up (it was a client suggestion!) I was SO on board!

After a bit of a unicorn hunt, I connected with Sarah and found out about her perfect miniature friends, and everything fell into place. She got Wesley ready for his princess meetings, and our lovely girls arrived! See the adorable outcome below!

Our Secret Garden Swing

Mrs. Kim’s waterside tree swing was totally made for this. This is where most of our girls first met Wesley up close, and you cannot fake smiles like those!! Absolutely beautiful place for any photos but especially perfect for these. And look at our guy Wesley! What a gentleman, and absolutely rocking that garland.

The Perfect Whicker Fan Chair

We had a wonderful surprise addition to our little set – AGAIN from Mrs. Kim! She just so happened to have the perfect chair to add in for Wesley’s ladies. I could not have planned for a better prop to add and the girls and Wesley seemed to really like it too! This may not be the last we see of this chair…

Sweet Cuddles with Wesley

Look at that love! Wesley got his fill of pets, hugs and even some kisses (and his fill of his favorite grass spot here too). What an experience, to spend time with and pet and love on a unicorn! I gotta say, my inner child is a little jealous of these girls BUT… I did of course get to spend a lot of time with Wesley myself too!

Princess Giggles

Can you tell we had SUCH a great time at these sessions? Because we absolutely did! Perhaps me more than anybody, but I sure hope all my little visitors had an experience they’ll not soon forget!!

Thanks for joining me on this walk back through our perfectly magical, brand new, spring experience mini session! It is one I definitely hope and plan to repeat, and I would love for you to join me!! Scroll below to the gold bar and type in your email under “get the latest” to join the EBP email list – I would LOVE to have you join us! Mini session info is sent to the email list first!

One more time I have to say the biggest thank you to my friends at Daisy Fields Farm and Chickamauga Florist! You made the magic in this session, and helped make so many little smiles too!

Join me for future mini sessions!

The fun doesn’t stop here! Check out the rest of the plans for 2022 mini sessions in this post, including poolside super minis, family mini session opportunities, and later this year – Baking with Santa!!! It’s going to be epic… don’t miss out!!!

And if you have a horse lover in your life, it may not be too late… Sarah and I have kicked around an idea for some cowboy and cowgirl minis with Wesley’s good buddy Spirit! Stay tuned!

See you soon!!


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