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I grew up right here in Walker County, Georgia and happen to think it's the best place in the world. Objectively, it is a gorgeous place for photos in all stages of life - from family portraits in the park to proud graduates to our amazing mountain views wedding venues

So what are you looking for in a photographer? I'd guess - more than someone who can push buttons on a camera. I love that we can take photos any time we want, but for those times that call for something more - aren't they still best captured by someone who knows you...

That's what I'm here for. I want to know your story and help tell it. Come on, let's get started.

My name is Lindsay, and stories are kind of my thing. I was hooked on the art of the story through 90's Disney movies (the best ones). I've always been inquisitive - not nosy - and I really, really love to hear people's life stories. 

My first photography skills were from my grandmother's polaroid around age 5 (I still have it!). I was given my first digital camera in 5th grade - went through at least 3 before college - made the switch to cameras with lenses, and got a photojournalism degree (the stories, again)

These two passions combined - photos that tell a person's story -are what it's always been about to me. Moments in time, preserved beautifully.

the lady behind the lens

Bonus "about me"- I believe we're all telling one story of a loving Creator who made us in His image.

Meet Lindsay


A well-planned party


Mountain Views


Church (on the beach!)


Sugar (not spice)


Walt Disney World


my favorite things

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Local Girl + classic style:
Uniquely you Photos, right at home

This is Lindsay, she's our photographer. That's what I want you to say when we see each other in town! You deserve a local photographer friend, not just a person with a camera.

Walker County's Portrait + Wedding Photographer