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When, why, and how to book a studio lit photography session with EBP Chattanooga

A studio lit photography session may be the perfect fit for your next Chattanooga area photos! I love breaking out my lights, it’s a fun change of pace and works best in certain sessions.

Though I am primarily a natural light photographer, sometimes lighting can make all the difference. Other times it may even be a total necessity. Read on to learn when, why, and how this could work for you!

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When to book a session with studio lighting

Other than simple personal preference for studio lit sessions, there are a few primary reasons you might choose a session with lighting.

  • Indoor family session: It’s the dead of winter but this is the only time your family is in town… Perfect time to schedule indoor family photos! Your home is a wonderful place for family photos. This is a great consideration for any family members with mobility issues as well! Example: photo immediately above!
  • Newborn lifestyle session: The freshest little photo subjects are much better suited for the great indoors. Plus, they tend to be most comfortable in their own home! For these reasons, my newborn sessions are all structured as lifestyle family sessions in-home, with studio lights. Example: top of post!
  • Formal portrait session: Certain occasions call for formal portraits with a backdrop and… lights! Professional headshots and formal cap and gown portraits are great examples but this can extend to a variety of formal portrait needs (or wants!). Example: below!

This is not an exhaustive list, these are just the primary session types that prompt me to pull out the lighting bags!

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Why use studio lights in your session

Everyone loves natural light, including me! But there are good reasons to use lighting in a session. Plus, natural light and studio light do not have to be so different and aren’t mutually exclusive. Any time I use studio lights I am also maximizing any natural light that is available. Show me the windows!

Any time I use lighting it is at very low flash outputs, aided as much as possible by the natural light being incorporated. For indoor photos, lighting done correctly adds a soft, even light source for a look that imitates natural light and gives your photos a beautiful glow.

I almost always use softboxes for a non-harsh flash that closely mimics soft, even outdoor light. In fact, the evenness and softness from this type of setup is not always achievable outdoors! In that regard these sessions are much more controlled and predictable which can be a huge plus.

Light stands can feel unnatural and intimidating if you are used to outdoor sessions but once we get started, you won’t even notice the setup! Often I find sessions with flashes to be higher energy, and the flashing is great for keeping the attention of little subjects! My goal is for us to be comfortable with each other in any setting, and once you see the photos this may even be your new go-to.

How to book your studio lit photography session in the Chattanooga area!

In the market for a studio-lit session? Let’s do it!

Have I mentioned I really love to break out my lights? If you are looking for an in-home family or newborn session or in need of formal portraits or headshots, simply fill out the contact form to get started.

Let me know what you’re looking for (session type, date range, etc.) and I will send over a pricing guide that includes studio lit sessions. And then we’ll start getting to know each other and planning your session!

I can’t wait to hear from you! These session types are a lot of fun, and have really beautiful results. See you soon!


More EBP Chattanooga studio-lit photography!

Professional headshot by Elle Bea Photography

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