Martin Sisters + Co. | Stone Mountain Family Photography


Martin sisters and their husbands and kids during 2022 family photography at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Martin Sisters + Co. 2022 | Stone Mountain Family Photography

Not only is this one of my absolute favorite families of all time (see one of these family units through the years here, and some sweet newborn photos here!) this sunrise family photography session at Stone Mountain Park was one of my favorites in all of 2022!! Keep reading to see the highlight reel!!

Over the years, I have found sunset sessions to be a far easier sell than sunrise sessions, and I totally get it. It’s not that the amount of insanely beautiful light available just as the sun crosses the horizon isn’t appealing, it’s just that it’s, you know, early.

But the stars aligned for this one – multifamily sessions are a delicate dance of the schedules and particularly around the holidays (when I get by far the most multifamily session inquiries!) it can either be especially tricky, or there’s an obvious best time!

This time it was the latter, and that obvious best happened to be my favorite and most elusive of time slots – sunrise!!! Awesome family (families!!), amazing location, and the best time of day – let’s. do. it.

Hamilton Schuyler sisters gif

The Martin Sisters

Other than being beautiful, brilliant, and generally awesome, I’m not sure there are obvious similarities between the Martin sisters and the Schuyler sisters – and yet, the comparison comes to mind (full and unashamed disclosure: I happen to have just rewatched Hamilton). And though they don’t live in revolutionary New York, they’re equally well-dressed and totally just as cool. I find these truths to be self evident (seriously, watch Hamilton).

I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing this sister trio for many years now, along with their sweet parents, husbands, and now all of their kids!! Getting to be part of this multifamily session felt like the ultimate compliment – when this many people who are this awesome let you in on their tribe, you’ve definitely done something right!

Couple shares a kiss during 2022 family photography session

A special recreation!

While we were in the neighborhood, this lovely couple let me recreate an engagement photo!! So much fun!! My new life goal is to get more and more attractive through the years, since these two have proven it possible (against all odds – they were a beautiful couple then and now!!).

And to make it even more special, these photos were a gift to the parents of the sister squad, grandparents of the cousin crew!! Maybe I’m a little biased but what a fantastic gift!! Now without further ado, presenting – the perfectly dressed, perfectly coordinated, perfectly perfect, Martin Sisters + Co.

Martin grandchildren during 2022 family photography session at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia
Thornhill family during 2022 family photos
Brother sister pose during 2022 family photography
Butler family poses during 2022 family photography
Dad and baby boy smile during 2022 family photography at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia
Mother and baby son pose during 2022 family photography
Mueller family poses during 2022 family photos
Couple shares a smile on the bridge at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia
Butler family on the bridge
Mueller family on the bridge during 2022 family photography
Whole group of Martin family sisters, husbands, and kids during 2022 family photos at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia
Martin sisters pose during their 2022 family photo session

Ready to book your Stone Mountain family photos? 

Let me know!! Family sessions are so special, it’s an honor to help preserve your memories! Multifamily and multigenerational sessions are an amazing opportunity to gather together, make some memories, and preserve them at the same time. I would love to be part of it with you!!

Though I am based in Chattanooga I am happy to travel to the Atlanta and Stone Mountain areas for family photography. I would absolutely love to be part of your photos! Shoot me an email and I will send over the 2022 Family Guide with info on session types and availability. I can’t wait to document this incredible time in your family’s life!


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