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Back by popular demand, Elle Bea Photography presents – 2022 Chattanooga area mini sessions! The 2021 EBP minis schedule was absolutely fabulous. I was beyond flattered to get to capture SO many special moments. From bunny cuddles to seasonal family mini sessions to Baking with Santa, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to in Chattanooga and North Georgia in 2022! Be sure to join the EBP email list to see the signups go live!

Elle Bea Photography 2022 Chattanooga Mini Session Schedule

What’s a Mini Session?

For those who have not participated before, a mini session is a pre-scheduled event where multiple families have a unique opportunity for a fun, fast, and affordable professional photo session. Minis are perfect for photos with a seasonal nature like the upcoming live Easter bunny minis! These sessions are also very well-suited to younger participants. Hello short attention spans!

Elle Bea mini sessions fall into three categories: super-minis (a new term from… me), experience minis, and family mini sessions. Shoot time, photo yield, and price vary between categories but are relatively consistent within each, although every shoot has variables. All are a LOT of fun! Plus they’re fast, predictable, and budget-friendly compared to full private sessions. Read on for more about each type!


Extra short mini sessions near Chattanooga in 2022

Super-minis are bite sized sessions perfect for kids and awesome for seasonal memories. These are the quickest, as the name suggests, and most affordable session type offered all year! Super-minis are also first up on this year’s schedule with Live Bunny Easter Minis! This session was a big hit last year so we are back for more. This year’s bunnies are babies and beyond cute. Your kids will love the cuddles and you’ll love your adorable Easter photos! Signups are live, I’d love to have you join!

Also on this year’s super-mini schedule – back for round 3 – traditional Santa Minis! It’s a bit early for Santa plans now but it will come up fast. Santa Minis are planned to be hosted at Red Barn Designs for the second year in a row, and will likely be on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The ladies of Red Barn are just lovely, and as expected their set design was AMAZING!! Be sure to join the email list if interested, this is a super popular mini session!

I’ve also got a super exciting newcomer in the works for the super-minis schedule… it’s a pool party! These summer minis will be hosted at the most photo-ready backyard pool you’ve ever seen, with a pool house straight out of HGTV magazine. Think retro sunglasses and suits, oversized floats, a melting orange creamsicle. It’s going to be a BLAST! Watch for these summer super mini sessions in Rossville, Georgia just south of Chattanooga.

Experience Minis

Chattanooga area more-than-photos mini sessions

Definitely the most buzz so far has been about our first ever experience mini session – Baking with Santa (it was so worth the hype!). Held last November, this session produced some incredible images, but it was much more than that. Baking with Santa was an experience of epic proportions – what kid wouldn’t LOVE to bake cookies with Santa, and we actually did! It’s the kind of memories Hallmark movies are made of.

Baking with Santa will definitely be back this November and I can.not.wait. But in the meantime, I am adding in two brand new experience mini sessions for 2022! When I got a request (from a Baking with Santa participant!) for a unicorn session, I immediately knew I wanted to do unicorn MINIS instead! This one I am giddy about. If you have a little princess in your life, don’t miss this. Details coming very soon – join the list to keep up!

Anyone is welcome at any of these sessions, but the unicorn minis are going to be pretty and fluffy and magical, so I wanted to offer a compliment. Enter… farm trucks and tractors. One of each, to be precise, hosted at a country boy’s paradise in Hixson, Tennessee. Leave the fancy clothes at home, bring your boots and your swagger, smiles optional (just kidding, kind of).

Family Mini Sessions

Local mini sessions focused on brevity, quality, and affordability

Last but not at all least, family minis. These sessions are not centered around a photo-event or holiday (though they are often season-based) but rather are a time for your family to get in front of a professional photographer for some amazingly framable photos – at a fraction of the cost and in far less time than a private session.

Parents, this one is for you too! Adults are welcome to jump in for super-mini sessions or experience minis, but both are set up with kids in mind. Not so for family minis. These are a perfect opportunity for keeping family photos up-to-date even when you may not have time for a full session every year (or when you’ve got a family member who is not going to stand for 45-60 minutes, literally).

Last year’s family minis were so much fun and so special, I definitely want to offer these as often as possible! And in the spirit of keeping things fresh, our first 2022 family minis will be in a new location for me – at the BEACH! Nope, you don’t have to travel. There is a lovely beach just north of Chattanooga at Harrison Bay! I think it will make for perfect family mini sessions. Keep up for dates for this very unique family photo op for the landlocked Tennessean.

There are also several family mini sessions on the potentials list for this year including springtime florals, pumpkin patch minis, and another client-suggested session – cute camper minis! Trust me it’s the cutest camper you’ve ever seen. Christmas tree farm minis have been a magical holiday photo op for the last two years and could return as well, stay tuned! And let me know if you’re already interested in a mini session – I’d love to be in touch!

Why, where, and when to sign up for EBP Minis

Why: A mini session can be a quick way to preserve time sensitive memories, an incredible experience for your child, or an affordable way to get more family photos in your life. Maybe all three at once! The times, they are a changin’… don’t let them pass you by! The mini session is still a new idea in the photography world but one that can really contribute to your family’s memories in a meaningful way.

Where: All mini sessions will be announced first via the email list! Don’t forget to join the list, it’s the best way to snag a spot! I will also update the brand new Elle Bea Photography website with links to the current mini session signup, and will add dates and signup links to this post throughout the year – bookmark it and come back!

When: Save the graphic at the top of this post to keep up with the general timeline for minis! I will update this post with dates as they become available, and will always send signups to my email list first!

Come join the fun!

I have had such a great time already photographing minis for so many families and would love to have you for a Chattanooga area mini session in 2022!

Ready for your mini session like, now? Sign up for Live Bunny Easter Minis, already live!!

Want to be the first to hear when more EBP Minis go live??? Join the email list for first dibs on all of the above!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

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