Logan – Ridgeland Class of 2023 | Chickamauga Senior Photos


Meet Logan, Ridgeland Class of 2023 | Chickamauga Senior Photos

Y’all… this was a fun one. Before I get to the stories, meet Logan! Ridgeland High School Class of 2023, lover of trucks, dirt bikes, and his energetic dog Max – pictured below! Logan and his sweet mama Jenny met me at the Chickamauga Battlefield over the weekend for some country boy senior photos, and a few extras… that were without a DOUBT truly unique to this guy. I’m so glad I got to be part of these senior memories!!

Logan has been a Walker County Schools alum throughout his educational years, and has enjoyed his time at Ridgeland, particularly participating in the student section (so I should have seen this ending coming… I really should have – I used to be the teacher sponsor of the student section so when I say I know the type… I should have seen it coming).

After high school, Logan has plans to become a lineman! Quick teaser for the best story of this session… Logan is a fairly quiet guy, but before we took the final few shots, I can’t say that he exactly made this face but this was for sure the vibe that I got:

Super Fun Senior Session Stories

Story number one occurred before we got started – this session was supposed to feature a truck… it does not. It happens, it really does. Watch for the truck in a future post hopefully! Logan’s pretty girlfriend Maddie tells me there may have been a tire kick on the way out (see Maddie in a photo below, then see how many times you can find her on the website!!). That’s the one story that was not super fun. I was super appreciative of the all around good-natured vibe of this senior session crew, even after a bump in the road!

For the record, they were still early even after the truck woes!! That’s impressive planning. I LIKE it!! We had a great time getting into the session, chatting about how different senior boys are from senior girls (a lot different, both lots of fun!!). Logan was such a good sport, taking posing cues like a champ and he even humored me with some detail shots! I mean if you bring a cowboy hat and Dukes of Hazard boots, you gotta get those in the highlights.

Meanwhile mama Jenny was literally running Max through the field behind us, selflessly getting some energy out (of the dog, but probably also of herself) before we brought him in to a few sweet shots! And bonus, it helped get some very genuine laughs and smiles out of the graduate. Max was so sweet when it was his time to shine!

THE Story – best ending ever

Now finally, the finale. I’ll keep it short. When you say to your senior guy… “We’re just doing one outfit right?” And he says to you, “Actually I do have another outfit.” With a completely straight face, but you get the eyebrows-gif vibe… I’m just telling you, be prepared for what may come out of the “changing area” (my vehicle!).

Like I said, I should have known. And yet, sometimes there’s just no predicting a 17 year old boy. Even a super chill, cowboy-hat-and-boots country boy, who just really wanted to bring his truck.

Logan, you got me good. And I hope I got YOU in all of these senior photos! It really was a pleasure!! Thank you Logan and mama Jenny for letting me in on this super special transition point in both of your lives. Hopefully your senior year is at least as memorable for you as this outfit change was for me! Best of luck with lineman school and all your future holds – I think it’s safe to say, personality and good humor are not going to be an issue for you.

I can’t wait to see where you go from here Logan!! Just remember, if you ain’t first… you’re last. Shake and bake my friend!

Ready to book some awesome Chickamauga, Chattanooga, or North Georgia senior photos? 

Let me know!! Senior sessions are such a blast, and all just as unique as you are! I would absolutely love to be part of your senior year. Shoot me an email and I will send over the 2022 Senior Guide with info on session types and availability. I can’t wait to document this super special, super memorable part of your story!


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