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Laura + John’s Anniversary Session at Pigeon Mountain Crossing

Anniversary photos at Pigeon Mountain Crossing were a no-brainer for this super sweet couple – they were married right here! It is a special place for them and a beautiful photo location for anyone (it’s featured in this post as a top venue for photography!).

Plus, our shoot happened while they were visiting from their new home in Europe… (yes, really) so it obviously had to happen and it was so much fun. Read on for more cute couple photos and lots of examples of what makes this an outstanding venue!

The Barn

The main attraction for weddings at Pigeon Mountain Crossing makes photos a dream

If you can bring yourself to look past the adorable couple, behind them in this photo is the barn at Pigeon Mountain Crossing – the lights twinkle even during the day! It’s very Stars Hollow, and believe me you should see it at night!

The exterior of the barn is just the beginning but what a showstopper it is. Just beyond the lake is the incredible mountain backdrop (from the photo at the top of this post, and one below!), so basically any direction you turn right here in this spot you’ll see something awesome! Photos at Pigeon Mountain Crossing are a dream – keep reading, you’ll see.

The Outdoors

Mountains and water and barns – OH my! Welcome to Pigeon Mountain Crossing, indeed

To anyone looking for an idillic, rural venue – you’ve found it! Handmade signs and grassy walking paths make guests at Pigeon Mountain Crossing feel right at home and cared for while at the same time the incredible, lakeside mountain views will take your breath away.

Aren’t they so cute, staring at each other by the water in those perfectly homey yet oh so photographable chairs? I thought so too 😉

Continuing with outdoor photo spots, Pigeon Mountain Crossing is also surrounded by… nature. It’s beautiful! Lots of tree lined paths, the lake AND a creek, and did I mention that during their wedding Laura and John got to PET a deer?

Like… an actual deer, walked out of the woods and came up for a meet and greet with the newlyweds. It does not get more amazing nature around these parts than that! Just FYI, no extra charge for deer meet and greets if you happen to be so lucky.

The Indoors

Event spaces inside the barn are both hospitable and beautiful

Where to begin on the beautiful interiors at this place… I’ll break it down! The top right photo above is technically not indoors but the downstairs front porch (yes, there is an upstairs porch too!). Porches are an awesome feature when planning your wedding photography, think of them as a rainy day insurance policy on those outdoor photos you definitely want to get. But in this case, the porch itself is also perfectly photo ready!

Top left you’ll also see the downstairs interior, which houses the kitchen and is a great space for hosting guests especially outside of the actual event time – think pre-wedding brunch or a casual rehearsal dinner. Then we come to the main event space which is so dreamy. Bistro lights, that amazing stained glass window, barn doors, they even provide some wood slices to use in your decor if you’d like. I love all of their faith-filled touches too!

This photo is first of all adorable, and also shows the setup of the interior of the barn really well – behind me (the photographer!) is that fantastic stained glass window! Behind Laura and John is the seating area for guests downstairs, and the game-loft upstairs.

The loft area offers lots of multipurpose options including awesome table games (see below!), which can be a great way to entertain younger guests during a reception! It can also be used for extra seating or an out of the way vendor staging area.

The middle photos above are back on the lower porch, the exterior is a really great neutral wood! And the beautiful silhouette is in front of a downstairs window – lake to the left, and that grassy walking path where deer prance right up to you on the right! Indoors, outdoors, a little of both, it all shines at this venue.

More Pigeon Mountain Crossing Features

I mentioned the upstairs porch – and here it is! Not only is it a great spot for photos, its a perfect place for your guests to hang out during a cocktail hour room change or even as some extra reception space. There is plenty of room out here and as you might expect, great views!!

Below left is a photo-op wall just outside the side barn door – the owners at Pigeon Mountain Crossing have photography in mind too! The woodsy creek view photo is just steps outside the barn, it’s hard to go anywhere without finding more great spots.

One last big major bonus – the bottom right photo above has a view of the cabin! I haven’t even mentioned yet, Pigeon Mountain Crossing has on site accommodations which is a venue feature I really, really love.

Whether you’re lodging a dozen or so European guests like these two were or just looking for a great place to get ready for your big day with your best girls (bridesmaids sleepover anyone??), the cabin is right here for you! And just down the pictured path from the barn.

Sold on this venue? Me too – take a closer look!

Get all the event details about Pigeon Mountain Crossing and start the booking process with the amazing owners, the Tinney family, right here! I guarantee you will feel loved from your first conversation with them, they are truly wonderful people!

Considering Pigeon Mountain Crossing (or already booked)??

Let’s get together!!! (Yeah, yeah, yeah…)

I would love to be part of your wedding day (or photo shoot!) at this incredible venue! Drop me a line directly, or fill out the contact form to get a conversation started! If you are interested in this venue, I have a feeling we’d be a great fit!

I love that this place is so perfectly North Georgia mountains in both appearance and vibe, and you and your guests are still a quick drive to Chattanooga! Best of both worlds, best of all worlds, yes to all. Don’t miss this place – Pigeon Mountain Crossing and the people who run it are really something special!

Let me know if you have any questions – I’ll be here for you!


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