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Chattanooga, appropriately nicknamed The Scenic City, is absolutely FULL of epic locations for some beautiful prom portrait photography. Take a break from the chaos of prom day to make sure your amazing dress, perfect hair, and best manicure of your life are documented! Having trouble picking the best spot? Read on for an overview of options and of course – really awesome prom photos!

If you’re really struggling to pick a location, go ahead and book your session! I would love to help narrow down options, pick the perfect one, and help you look perfect in that location. Let’s do it.


City scapes and museums, rooftops and river views compliment your glamorous prom style with urban Chattanooga Prom photography

For a mid sized city, Chattanooga has an overabundance of city icons and a REALLY epic skyline. Take advantage of all that urban awesomeness by taking your prom portraits in downtown Chattanooga. Just around Walnut Street Bridge you’ve got tons of options – The Hunter Museum on the south end of the bridge, Coolidge Park (and the carousel!) on the North Shore, plus the actual bridge itself!

This part of town has a ton to offer. You’ll have the river on one side and great city elements on the other, with mountains somewhere too! Plus the colors are killer downtown. Works great in any weather conditions too!

Continue to the Southside to find the Choo Choo – one of my all-time favorite prom photography locations in all of Chattanooga. The train, the gardens, the amazing interior (see above!). The Southside area has a LOT of variety while still inside the city. And it doesn’t get more classic Chattanooga than the actual Chattanooga Choo Choo…

Elsewhere in the Southside you can find tons of exposed brick, bistro lights, and some super trendy restaurants that can make for very cool prom photos. All within walking distance of the Choo Choo! I told you it’s one of my favorites, you see why!

Looking to go wayyyyy epic? Try rooftop prom photos! Rooftop access is totally doable in Chattanooga’s West Village AND, you’ll be across the street from umbrella alley! Colors and mountains and crazy views – oh my!

If you’re looking for urban prom photography, downtown Chattanooga has a lot of options for you. Downtown, the Southside, and the West Village are three of the top areas in town for a prom session BUT the list does not end here – possibilities abound!

The fellas look even more dapper in this city slicker environment. When you’re wearing a tux, why not really James Bond it UP.


North Georgia and Chattanooga are both full of naturally beautiful locations that bring the focus on you in your prom photos

You’ve got this amazing dress, you had your hair and makeup done, your date even washed his car! With all of that to show off, maybe you’re looking to keep things simple in your prom photos. A good option for you would be a natural location with open fields, pretty trees, tall grass, maybe even some wildflowers.

Lucky for you, this city has BOTH options within minutes! Take a drive with me, it won’t take long!

One of my go-to spots for prom photography is the Chickamauga Battlefield. There are SO many unique areas of the battlefield! All have great options for your prom shoot. Plus it’s a super short drive from Chattanooga!

Here you’ll find lush green trees in one area, tall wispy grass in another, or pick a spot with access to a variety of naturally beautiful options. You in your prom-awesomness totally take the spotlight as you dance through a field of simplicity. Picture your dress in front of a beautiful wall of green… the sun winking through leaves, adding sparkle to your bling. Perfect.

No distractions, just you. And let’s be real, some peace and quiet before heading off to a night full of cranked tunes and alllllll your friends… might not be so bad! Go ahead and book a session and we’ll find the perfect natural location for your Chattanooga prom photography.

Live on one of the Chattanooga mountains? I LOVE mountain views in prom photos! Having once taken my own prom photos with a beautiful bluff view… I may be a little biased. But I don’t think many would argue, mountaintops make amazing pictures.

Best of Both

Love the urban style of the city and the no-distractions beauty of the natural outdoors? Go for both!

Plenty of locations around Chattanooga and North Georgia can offer both urban sophistication and natural simplicity. If you like the sound of that, let’s find a place that offers options! The stonework above really gives a nature-vibe even while it decorates this beautiful urban church. Best of both!

What you’re looking for is a location with great natural options on property, AND buildings or views with an urban feel. Lots of churches in the area can give this best of both worlds look with beautiful architecture and idyllic gardens. And we’ll hardly have to move around at all!

This one photo has both – pretty stonework and big windows, with a beautifully green garden reflected! Finding a place where we can access multiple looks and feels makes for great variety in your gallery.

This is awesome for a couple or group, but can be especially great for going solo! Let’s make you shine no matter where you are, in multiple settings in the same place!

Another great option in North Georgia is the historic Lee and Gordon Mills property! The big mill house gives a nice architectural option (and a beautiful solid white backdrop) AND has some willow trees, open fields, and water! That’s a great best of both option!

We can really have a lot of fun exploring options at a place like this. And when you look like THAT, why not take allllll the photos!

Fill out the contact form to submit an inquiry – we’ll get started finding the best, best of both worlds prom photography location for you.

Chattanooga is full of awesome prom photography locations!

These specific location options are some I’ve found that work really well! But the most important thing is to make it YOU! Your town has a great downtown area? Let’s go there! Urban doesn’t have to mean big city. Your date lives on a mountainside farm? I’ll meet you at his place! I can’t wait!

And a final location option to consider – your school! At some schools this is a must – no one wants to miss the special school photos or the socializing on the school lawn before prom. See above, smaller schools in particular tend to do this! Taking prom photos at your high school is a great option to consider even if it’s not the norm. What a perfect way to remember it!

Any location can have BIG props!!

Prom student poses on top of his purple truck on the rooftop of the parking deck in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the iconic West Village

Did I not just say we should make your prom photos totally YOU??? What’s more you than your purple truck!! Unless you don’t have a purple truck, then it really wouldn’t be very you would it. Regardless of specifics, the ride tends to be a pretty big part of the prom experience! Why not bring it in on photos?

In both urban and more natural locations, we can definitely get your car involved if you’d like to! Let me know beforehand and we’ll make plans for an awesome prom car shot or two before you head on your way.

Prom couple poses in front of their prom car during a prom photo session at the Chickamauga Battlefield in Chickamauga, Georgia

Let’s have some fun – here, there, or both!

Any of the above location types will make for beautiful prom photos! Pick your favorite style and start to narrow down options, or go ahead and send in your inquiry and we can decide together. I’d love to help, and I can’t wait to see how amazing you look in your Chattanooga area prom photos!

Let’s book your prom portrait session! I have always loved doing these, it’s a special day for you and you’re going to look soooo amazing – hit me up and we’ll start making plans! Once your inquiry is received, I’ll send over my prom pricing info and also my super fun location selector quiz. Can’t wait!!


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