Why Christmas Starts on November 1: Six of MANY Reasons


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TODAY it is November, and I would like to be among the first to wish you – a Merry Christmas!!! That’s right, it officially tis the season as soon as October ends. Not sold on the start date?? Ok then, Mr. Grinch. Here are just a few brief (brief for me) reasons why Christmas starts on November 1.

Reason 1: It’s fun…

Seriously, do you need more of a reason than that?? Fall is amazing. I love fall, I really really do. It’s also a LOT of fun. But after you’ve given out your Halloween candy, it’s out with the pumpkin spice (see my thoughts on the PSL trend herespoiler, not a fan) in with the pine needles. Real or fake (although fake is totally the way to go).

Especially here in the south where it may not be cold until Thanksgiving or later (or it may be cold for Fall Minis in mid October…), why not kick start the holiday spirit a little “early”. Again, in my book Christmas DOES start on November 1, so it’s not “early”, but if you haven’t come around to that yet, consider this your invitation. Don’t be a Grinch. Christmas is FUN!

Hot chocolate, gingerbread man, and peppermints Christmas stock photo by Elle Bea Photography

Reason 2: It’s not “skipping Thanksgiving”

Alright don’t give me the “so you just skip Thanksgiving…” bit… No, I don’t skip Thanksgiving. I am a patriot, ok. The Thanksgiving story is amazing! Time with family, thankfulness, food, all amazing. Although admittedly, traditional Thanksgiving food is not really my thing. First I came for your pumpkin EvErYtHiNg… now it’s the stuffing… believe me there is a lot of holiday food I DO like, it’s just not ALL for me, ok.

But I don’t have to love every Thanksgiving food item to think it’s an awesome thing. And putting out my Christmas tree “early” does not mean I’m boycotting Turkey Day. In fact, one of my favorite events of the year is a good Thanksgiving Day 5K like this one. See? I’m totally into Thanksgiving, and I definitely don’t skip it. “Christmas starts on November 1” doesn’t mean nothing happens between then and the actual Christmas day.

Reason 3: It’s really, really pretty

Look me in the eye, and tell me a home decorated for Christmas is not the best kind of home. And while I have certainly seen some tasteful Thanksgiving decor, would you not just rather skip to the best part?? Ok, well, you can!! Hobby Lobby does, they start putting out Christmas decorations after the 4th of July. That’s too early even for me, but my point is – you walk in that place from October on and it’s a SEA of Christmas. Hunting down the turkey decorations is going to be harder than hunting an actual turkey.

And even outside your home, who doesn’t love Christmas lights and displays?? It’s the best. Give the people what they want, and put your tree up ASAP. If you need inspiration, check out the Chattanooga Choo Choo at Christmas. I bet they start on all that before Thanksgiving…

The Chattanooga Choo Choo decorated for Christmas - why Christmas starts on November 1

Reason 4: It’s kind of a lot of work

Especially if done well! Boxes of Christmas trees, decorations, dishes, and so on… don’t just put themselves up. Or get themselves out of storage or put themselves away. It’s a process. Worthwhile, definitely, but I’m just saying, why not give yourself some time to enjoy that hard work??

If you’re getting alllll of that started on Black Friday, first of all you’re missing some good entertainment shopping. But perhaps more importantly, you’ve cut yourself short!! Put up the tree and ENJOY it for a while. A good long while. Let the whole neighborhood enjoy it. It makes the whole process of decorating more worth it!

Reason 5: It’s magical

Especially if you have children in your life at all, but even if you don’t – there’s nothing like Christmas magic! It’s in the air, and the lights, and the music, and the smells. To quote Princess Jasmine, it’s all so magical… and who doesn’t want a little bit more of that?? By the way, Disney World starts Christmas on November 1 too. If it’s good enough for the Magic Kingdom… it’s good enough for me.

Since 2020 I have been exceedingly blessed to get to be PART of Christmas magic and memories for a LOT of little Christmas lovers!! And maybe a few who didn’t love it SO much… at least in the moment. It is incredibly special to me!! And, we start signups for these Santa sessions in JULY. So if you think I’m too early now… know that I have literally been in direct contact with Santa since April. Every year. And yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Little boy smiles at and bakes cookies with Santa during Baking with Santa mini sessions

Want to see Santa with me this year?? Signups are still open for Santa Minis!! Click here to come join us November 18!! For some magical recaps, see last year’s Santa Minis here and Baking with Santa right here.

Reason 6: It’s really, really, worth a LOT of celebration

Alright it had to get sappy sometime. We Christmas people are an emotional bunch, ok… I mean have you ever seen one of those romantic Christmas movies?? Very emotional people. But in all honesty, there is NOTHING more worth celebrating than this, the birth of a Savior. As much as I LOVE Santa (a lot, I have his number), and pretty trees (mine are out today, yes really), and decorations and cheesy movies and Christmas music of all kinds… here it is, for real.

What it’s REALLY all about, is what it’s really ALL about. A thrill of hope, when this weary world rejoices, and we all can truly hear angel voices. Who doesn’t want to let that feeling last as long as possible – I know I do. No matter when it starts for you, it’s all leading up to that night divine, when Christ was born. And that is pretty exciting stuff 🙂

Christmas Eve candlelight service at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga

And that’s why… Christmas starts, on November 1!

Convinced? Excited? Getting your tree out now? You’re totally my people. Not convinced? That’s ok, we’re totally still friends. You can judge me for my Christmas extra-ness all you want. But my trees are out, my spirits are up, and that’s just the way it is… ok.


Looking for a church to attend this Christmas Eve? Shoot me an email – I’ll save you a seat!!

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