Graduation Announcements + Graduation Thank You Cards by Basic Invite: Review


Hello again! I am so excited to share this sponsored post with you!  When Basic Invite asked me to share about their graduation announcements and graduation thank you cards, I was flattered and thrilled to check it out. I am a printed products gal, so this is right up my alley! PLUS I know it is a product that can be helpful to all of my client base as well. Win win win!

Samples of graduation announcements and graduation thank you cards from Basic Invite - photos of graduates by Elle Bea Photography.

Graduation Announcements + Graduation Thank You Cards

Call me old fashioned (you would not be the first) but man I love me some mail. Any occasion I can find, whether it’s a party, life event, or just a thank you – I am going to send a card, in the mail. Typically a custom one! Honestly, I don’t really get the whole digital invitation thing. What fun is that??? It’s not, it’s just not. I MUCH prefer an invitation, announcement, or thank you note that can be literally felt by the recipient. And hopefully hung on the fridge for a while!

Those who know me personally would 100% back me up on this – I love cards, and particularly photo cards! I mean, are you surprised… really. If you’ve got an occasion to print your photos and an easy excuse to share them with family, I think you SHOULD! Whether it’s a graduation, engagement, new baby, Christmas card, or even a child’s birthday – there are MANY times I love to send and receive cards. And I’ll say it again, seeing these things online is just not even close to the same.

And since it’s the season – let me speak particularly to the graduates! Whether it’s a photo card or a traditional text version, graduation announcements are a BIG deal!!! And for this event more than many, you want to be yourself and make your prints custom to you. Keep reading to see how Basic Invite has totally got you covered – with completely custom announcements AND graduation thank you cards too!

Teaming up with Basic Invite

Being a prints lover in my personal life, I was super thrilled when Basic Invite contacted me about working together! Honestly I get asked all the time where I print my cards. Quality is very important to me and I take great care in choosing cards with beautiful layouts, accurate color, and pretty fonts. And I really do send cards for many occasions throughout the year. Reviewing a stationary company is a perfect fit for me but MORE importantly, this company offers products for ALL of my client base! Graduates, brides, moms, you’re all covered by my business and theirs!

One of my first questions was if I could get samples, because this is not the kind of thing I would review just from a website. They quickly obliged – more on that, keep reading! After receiving my sample graduation announcements and graduation thank you cards, I was immediately impressed with the quality. As I said, I am someone who loves a printed card. An invitation to anything, a snail mail thank you note, big announcements, just about anything I can mail. So I am not unfamiliar with these products and I’ve got to say, these were very high quality.

Of course I chose photo cards (naturally…) although there were beautiful options without photos as well. I was very impressed with both the quality of the paper and also the color quality of the photos. Obviously this is particularly important to me! If I am going to trust anyone to print my photos (on anything), I want the prints to look exactly the way the original did! And honestly, as the creator of all of these photos, I think they came out perfectly. Take it from me, that is NOT true of all printing companies!

Basic Info about Basic Invite

Interested? Here are some high points on what you can expect if you decide Basic Invite is a good fit for your graduation announcements, graduation thank you cards, or any other stationary-worthy occasion.

  • Almost Unlimited Colors – Basic Invite offers almost unlimited color options and even provides instant previews online. Select a design, change the color of any element on the product, and you’ve got a completely custom piece. They offer over 180 colors, so your card is sure to be uniquely yours!
  • Custom Samples – Like to try before you buy? Me too. As I said I asked Basic Invite for samples before I could write this post. I was not only met with a quick absolutely, I found out they actually do this for everyone! All customers are able to order a printed sample of their actual invitation before they place their final order. Feel the paper quality, try it out, and see how your product will look in real life. What better way to make sure you’re getting something perfect.
  • Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes – Custom options don’t stop there. Basic Invite has over 40 different envelope colors to choose from! And, all of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal – I really appreciated this! I’m a pretty traditional white envelope girl, but regardless of color I don’t love to lick envelopes… big plus!
  • Address Capturing Service – Don’t have everyone’s address? Here’s another major win. Basic Invite offers an address capturing service. You just share a link (on social media, over email, text, or elsewhere) to request friends and family’s addresses. PLUS Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost! As someone who has happily paid for this service in the past, that’s huge.
  • Foil – If you’re feeling extra fancy… Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold in flat or raised foil, on any foil design.

Ordering graduation announcements or thank you cards? Snag a coupon code!!

Interested? I thought you might be!! I would only take on a sponsored post that I thought could provide real value to my client base and blog readers, and this sponsor definitely fits that. Whether you’re a graduate looking for these particular cards, or a bride, mama, or party planner – I think you’ll love working with Basic Invite just like I have!

AND good news! Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

Want to see real cards? Keep scrolling to see my product samples plus each of the original photos used in the designs! I think you’ll be impressed, the photos on the cards really do match the originals beautifully. And of course the cards themselves are beautiful too!

Thanks a bunch!

Big thank you to my beautiful featured graduates! You guys looked amazing in your photos and these cards highlight that perfectly! Want to see a few more from these sessions? Look here and here!

And thank you to Basic Invite for the opportunity to partner! I truly hope that you, my readers and clients, can benefit from this post! Whatever the event, check out the awesome printed products from Basic Invite. And send me a card too!! I LOVE getting photo cards from clients!!!

Are you a 2023 grad? If you have not yet had cap & gown photos taken – join me THIS week for Cap & Gown Minis!! We’ve got an awesome lineup of grads ready for their closeup, but I was able to add two new spots! Come join us!

When it’s time to send them out, order both graduation announcements and graduation thank you cards! And be sure to use the coupon code above!

As always, reach out to me any time! I would love to see you soon!!


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