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In case I didn’t already know this was the best job ever, newborn sessions convince me EVERY time!! I recently got together with a wonderful family for some lifestyle newborn + family photography at their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee! I got to be part of their FIRST photos as a family of 4, how special is that!! And we had a fun little story with this smiley girl too – keep reading to hear it!

At-Home Newborn Photography | Chattanooga Family Portrait Photographer

Look at that teeny little baby smile!! Precious, precious baby girl – I am SO glad I got to be here for your first photoshoot!!! Welcome to the world, sweet baby Hazel and congrats Broersma family!!! I have loved getting to know this sweet couple and their TWO girls, keep scrolling to hear the story and see the rest of the crew!

Story time: sweet baby Hazel was originally supposed to appear in front of my camera during a maternity session BUT she had other plans!!! Why is it always the second kid… keeping us all on our toes! A few days before our planned maternity session, I get a text from Leah that read something like this – SURPRISE! Hazel has arrived early!!

Adorable!! Keep reading, lots more precious shots of this sweet baby girl and her family!!

Meet Hazel! Tiny little miss on a mission

This little lady was just ready to meet everyone, maternity photos or not. In fact, she made her entrance into the world while her family were visiting her grandparents in Atlanta!! Good thing they know the area! It was one of those stories that you think never actually happens – head out of town with a couple of weeks to go and BAM water breaks!! Don’t worry, future mama who may be reading, it really doesn’t happen that way often 😉

Baby details are some of my favorite images ever – teeny toes, little balled up fists, miniature ears and noses and sweet, silky baby hair (look at her hair, you can SEE that magical baby smell…). That’s exactly what you want to keep forever in photos, because it sure doesn’t last long in real time!!

And now, meet baby Hazel’s incredible (and incredibly good looking) family!! Ready to welcome her, whenever she decided to arrive! I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know Hazel’s sweet mama, Leah, and big sister August for quite a while now – and have loved their friendship so much!! And proud dad Mark back there is, from what I can tell, completely smitten with his house full of girls. I mean how could you not be!

Big sister August!! Ready for her closeup.

At-home session – mobile studio lighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee

August, my girl, you are so much fun!! Full of life and energy and LOVE for her new baby sister! Those blue eyes and blonde curls, BEGGING to be photographed a million times over!! And look at these sister snuggles, baby Hazel is giving it right back!!

This was such a fun and special session! Seeing this family giggling and smiling together in their photos just melts my heart!!! And did I mention, their home in downtown Chattanooga was a perfect location. The lighting was great, plus I don’t think I will ever stop singing “It Is Well” after seeing the words on their wall while editing this gallery (and why would I want to!). At home shoots always bring something extra-special!

Beautiful home, gorgeous subjects, and just really great people. And I got to spend the morning with them, helping keep some of these teeny tiny details and little moments forever. How incredibly lucky am I? Thank you Broersma’s, family of FOUR, for letting me in on this bit of every day magic!!! Congratulations to you all and welcome, sweet Hazel!!

Baby Hazel newborn + Broersma family session, at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Baby Hazel newborn + Broersma family session, at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Baby Hazel newborn + Broersma family session, at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Baby Hazel newborn + Broersma family session, at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Baby Hazel newborn + Broersma family session, at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ready to book a Chattanooga family photography session?

Let me know!! Family sessions are always so special, definitely including newborns! I would absolutely love to be part of your new family photos!! Shoot me an email and I will send over the 2022 Family Guide with info on session types and availability. These are the moments you want to keep forever – I can’t wait to document this incredible part of your story!

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