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Introducing – Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga!!

Full disclosure: I really wanted to title this blog post “The One Where I Took Pictures of Cake” (Friends fans?? Anyone?? Just me…) but in a stunning display of professionalism and anti-sarcasm, I went with the actual business name – Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga – and am saving the Friends thing for… now.

The One Where I Took Pictures of Cake

There it is! If you’ve been anywhere else on this website, you probably have found very few pictures of cake unless there is a cute baby smashing it, which is not at all what we did here… and would not have gone particularly well. No, this time we actually posed the cakes – all by themselves!!

You may be thinking ok… why did you do that, Lindsay. I’ll tell you. Because, my amazing friend Heather has started an amazing business selling ice cream cakes!! And not only is she a bonafide culinary artist (read: the cakes are delicious) – these babies are beautiful. Absolutely, one hundred percent, worth their own photoshoot. Keep reading for more info on Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga and see photos from our cake photo session!!

Heather of Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga slices a blue and white frozen ice cream cake for an Elsa loving birthday girl.

So, how was the cake??

I’m glad you asked. Like I said, Heather is a culinary artist (one of the coolest names for a college degree ever), which I know from her business bio. She’s also a perfectionist – that I know from years of friendship. These things play well together it turns out, and the result is ice cream cake creations that make me behave like this…

The Ice Dream Cakes story

Real talk. Ya girl here is a sweet tooth. Like, real bad. But I admit, even I have some limits and with a few notable exceptions (hello Gideon’s at Walt Disney World) I’m not that big of a cake person – and it turns out, that’s how Heather’s business came about! After discovering, to her surprise, that her son really doesn’t much like cake, this rockstar mom set about to make him a special birthday treat that he would enjoy more.

For his fifth birthday, Heather decided to make her boy a Hot Fudge Sundae ice cream cake – the traditional version being one of his favorite treats. And it was a huge hit! Probably because Heather’s gourmet version involves homemade ganache, fresh whipped cream, and soft sponge cake… what’s not to love about THAT. And thus, the idea for Ice Dream Cakes came to be!

See for yourself!! Beautiful, dreamy ice cream cakes

Six months of R&D (and I imagine many kitchen messes) later, Ice Dream Cakes was born! Heather now offers twelve decadent varieties of ice cream cake in two sizes, made with love in her home bakery in Hixson, Tennessee.

Find Heather on Facebook (icedreamcakes) and Instagram (@icedreamcakestn) – the latter of which where you can also see evidence of the mess we made while taking these photos of her beautiful cakes. It was one for the ages. But totally worth it!! For pricing and a full cake list, email Heather here (or me – and I can send you her way!).

And now, check it out – The One Where I Took Pictures of Cake

Hot Fudge Sundae ice cream cake cross section and slice on gold cake stand
Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake cross section from Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga
Spilled sprinkles in glass and gold jar branding image

Shoutout to Ms. Heather of Ice Dream Cakes Chattanooga!!

Heather, you have been a dear, dear friend to me for years now! I am so excited to see your business grow and thrive!! And even more excited that we get to be in this small business world together. It’s quite a ride and I’m glad to have a sister friend on it with me!!

Best of luck in all you do my friend – thank you for letting me in on all of this fun!!!


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