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On a rainy Labor Day weekend, what better place to be than hanging out with some awesome folks on a bird dog hunting farm. Plus I really think the best way to photograph a barn is in solid cloud cover – and we got it! Check out this super sweet crew, the Schaffernoth, at their family photography session on a beautiful (and special) farm north of Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Athens + Chattanooga Family Farm Photography

Let me just take a second here to say – don’t give up on a session too early!! This family session at Creekside Hunting Preserve in Athens, Tennessee turned out beautifully – look at the color in those clouds! Back behind the completely evenly lit barn, no less. It is very safe to say we would not have gotten the same photos on a sunny day! But it was absolutely one of those sessions that had me refreshing the weather app every hour, feeling like…

Huge, huge thank you to the Schaffernoth for sticking this one out with me!! It was 110% worth it and I’m so glad I got to see this awesome place!! It is one of those country-kid’s paradise locations – rope swings, a fishing pond, and yes, lots of dogs. Keep scrolling to see smiling faces and… PUPPIES!!!

Such special farm-life memories!! Keep reading for more smiles from pretty girl Anna!!

Meet the Schaffernoth – yes, that is plural

I have had the great pleasure of knowing this family for three years now! Which is unbelievable partly because of the great time-warp that was the Covid year(s), but also because it feels like we could have known each other forever. They’re some of those people for me (everybody needs some of those), and I’m so glad to have gotten to be part of another set of family memories with them!

To explain that last header, I noticed very early in our friendship that Amy uses their last name – Schaffernoth – as both singular and plural. Like deer and deer. “Schaffernoth will be there” means, we’re in. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved it! These three have a very 3 Musketeers family vibe, so it totally fits that their family name means us to them.

Puppies!!!! Anybody need a bird dog?

Creekside Hunting Preserve – hunting, pointers, + beautiful land in Athens, Tennessee

In case I haven’t said it enough already, this place was awesome!! Amy grew up on what is now Creekside Hunting Preserve (lucky girl), and it is also home to quail, chukar (google it, that’s a bird y’all), pheasant and the stars of this show – a huge crew of German wire haired pointers! Look at that sweet puppy face…

If you need more of that in your life, click the link above to contact Creekside! They breed these sweet pups as both hunting companions and loyal family members, plus they offer onsite hunts from October-February! As someone who falls on the “yeah, I like my dog…” side of the canine knowledge spectrum, I was utterly impressed with their operation. Contact here for more info on hunts and pups!

We were honored by the presence of one of the matriarch’s of this pack, Chigger! From what I understand she has contributed many beautiful puppies and grandpuppies on this land, and – she’s famous!! She recently posed for a statue that now sits across from a Dolly Parton statue in Sevierville, Tennessee! In fact, after our session ended her family took miss Chigger to visit and take a look at her modeling work. How fun is that!!!

Anna, sweet girl, you stole the show as always. No amount of adorable puppy pics could distract from that pretty, pretty smile!! Thank you for lighting up my photos again!!! Amy, thank you for showing me around and for putting up with the rain with me!! And Brian, you were a wonderful umbrella-holder/assistant!! Watch out, I may try to bring you along on another job… Schaffernoth – you guys are amazing!!

Ready to book your family session? 

Let me know!! Whether it’s a farm session like this one or on the streets of downtown Chattanooga, I would absolutely love to be part of your family photography. Shoot me an email and I will send over the EBP 2022 Family Guide with info on session types and availability. I can’t wait to document this beautiful chapter of your story!

– Lindsay

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