timelessness done efficiently

The most efficient way to stop time - the mini session! These sessions are the quickest, most cost effective way to capture your family in this season of their life, whether that's a seasonal kids mini or a family mini for you all. I'll set the date, time, and location - you just sign up!

I'll guide you through the process if it's new to you. And I hope you'll become a regular! Mini sessions allow us to really develop our Cheers vibe - certainly you and I will get more and more comfortable with each mini, and you may see familiar faces the more you come!

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**Santa Signups start in JULY!!**

Fall Minis

Fall Family Minis (September), Fall Family Minis (October), Homeschool Picture Day (varies)

Summer Minis

Pool Party Minis (July), Unicorn Minis (varies), Cowboy Minis (varies)

Spring Minis

Live Bunny Minis (March), Spring Family Minis (April), Cap + Gown Minis (May)

Signups open February-May, open signups in bold - click below
Click for Bunnies | Click for Spring Families | Click for Cap + Gown

Christmas Minis

Baking with Santa (early November), Santa Minis (Saturday before Thanksgiving), Christmas Tree Farm Minis (Thanksgiving break week)

Signups open May-August, open signups in bold - click below
Click for Pool Party | Click for Unicorns | Click for Cowboy

Signups open August-October, open signups in bold - click below
Click for Fall Families Sept. | Click for Fall Families Oct. | Click for Homeschool

Signups open July-November, open signups in bold - click below
Click for Baking with Santa | Click for Santa | Click for Tree Farm

- Meghan, 2022 fall family minis, Mountain Cove Farms

She took brilliant, beautiful photos of my girls - capturing their personalities flawlessly. This was our first session with her, but absolutely not our last. I’m thankful I found a friend and photographer in one!

but Lindsay exceeded my expectations

It’s always a little nerve wracking to trust someone new...

- Kacey, 2021 Ridgeland senior portraits

She has a gift - we are never disappointed. There are so many great shots, we can’t choose a favorite.

to capture the perfect photos.

Lindsay always goes above and beyond...

- Anna, 2017 Grandview bride

which helped me relax and enjoy the moment. I think that really showed through in the photos. I can't recommend her enough!


In the chaos of everything going on...